Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher 

2016-2017  is my 35th year to teach!  Wow!  I still love my students and love to teach.  That’s why I am here!  I have taught 30 of those years in this district, 22 years teaching seventh grade English, and 8 years teaching gifted and talented classes here at University Heights Intermediate. I now teach fourth and fifth grade THINK and TAP, two intervention classes, and third grade enrichment.   I love to learn along with my students.  We often study interesting subjects as well as create masterpieces that expand our ideas.  


My husband and I have been married for 37 years.  We have raised a son, Hunter, and a daughter, Ambrea.  Hunter is married and has a baby girl.  Ambrea, too, is married and has a three year daughter.  We are very family oriented people who hang out together, go to the lake and beach in the summer, and more.


I love to be outdoors, do yoga, read, paint, go on road trips, read the Bible, and walk for exercise.  I am self-motivated, active, fun-loving, somewhat adventurous, a bit reserved, and practical.






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