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Daily Schedule

Based on the Rotation Schedule at UHI, I do teach a few morning courses. 


4th Grade 8:00-8:48
5th Grade 8:50-9:40
3rd Grade  9:45-10:45

After my morning classes, I provide technology and support to the UHI staff and students. On Thursday and Friday afternoons, I travel to UHE to provide the same technology and support to that campus.


I will also be working with classroom teachers on technology projects, supporting them as they teach your child.  I will be co-teaching with them, gathering online materials, or troubleshooting computers and problems as we go into the digital world!


Last, I work with our 5th grade students and teachers because they are a 1:1 MacBook grade level, meaning each child has a MacBook to use for educational purposes.





Debbie West

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