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Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher 

2018-2019 is my 37th year to teach!  Wow!  I still love my students and love to teach.  That’s why I am here!  I have taught 32 of those years in this district, 22 years teaching seventh grade English, and 10 years teaching gifted and talented classes here at University Heights Intermediate. I now teach fourth and fifth grade THINK and TAP, and third grade enrichment.   I love to learn along with my students.  We often study interesting subjects as well as create masterpieces that expand our ideas.  


My husband and I have been married for 39 years.  We have raised a son, Hunter, and a daughter, Ambrea.  Hunter is married and has a baby girl.  Ambrea, too, is married and has two daughters.  We are very family oriented people who hang out together, go to the lake and beach in the summer, and more.


I love to be outdoors, do yoga, read, paint, go on road trips, read the Bible, and walk for exercise.  I am self-motivated, active, fun-loving, somewhat adventurous, a bit reserved, and practical.






Cheryl Russell

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